Ramona Library Events: How to access the events calendar and stay up to date.

 Ramona Library has some great events scheduled each month.

  Check them out!

The Ramona Library is well known for its community service and programming.  Events take place year round at the branch.  Some programs/events are new, while other programs and events return year after year.  These programs and events are for you, the community, so I am going to show  you how to find out about them and stay up to date throughout the year.


The San Diego County Library has a website that represents all county library branches, including Ramona Library.  You can go to, www.sdcl.org and in the bottom right you will find a box titled, EVENTS CALENDAR. 

You can also find Ramona Library on Facebook, however the official events calendar is located at the SDCL website shown below.

Print copies of the current calendar month

are also available at each branch.






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